Monday, April 19, 2010

UPDATE: Walgreens: D-1000 $5.00 Money Maker

UPDATE: These were out of stock at my local Walgreens, ask for a raincheck so you can get this deal when they have more in stock!
This is awesome, even if you don't use the vitamins or donate them this is an amazing deal! You better act quick before the Walgreens catches on to this great deal! Walgreens has Nature's Bounty Vitamin D-1000 on sale this week for $5.00, and you get $5.00 RR back (this is $5.00 to use at your next purchase). This basically makes them free. It gets better though.

2. Enter the following codes:

2099- 18576402

51135- 18576402

27602- 18576402

17169- 18576402

2386- 18576402

2532- 18576402

3. Click on "Redeem My Points Now"

4. Select the $5.00 Coupon at the bottom

5. Print Coupon and push the back button, and refresh (it let me do this 4 times).

So the vitamins are $5.00 -$5.00 coupon making them free PLUS $5.00 RR to use at a future purchase. Awesome!!!!

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